Cost of living

Posted: 26th July 2022

In the current financial climate we are helping a large number of people who are struggling with the cost of living and we can help in a number of ways:

  1. Looking at income and whether it can be increased
  • Check if you can claim benefits
  • Check if you’re being paid the right wage or salary
  • Check you’re paying the right amount of tax
  • Check if you can get help with your energy bills
  • Check if you can get help from your local council

To get more information on the above and see other possible ways to increase your income see link below.


  1. Looking at reducing outgoings
  • Check if you can pay less council tax
  • Saving money on gas and electricity
  • Check if you can save money on your water bills
  • Paying less for your TV licence
  • Saving money on travel costs

To get more information on the above and other options – see the link below.


  1. Suggesting ways to manage debt.

We also have access to supermarket vouchers, energy top ups and other sources of help that people may be eligible for. We refer to local food banks as another source of help.

The government is making various ‘cost of living’ payments – check for details on the page below. If you haven’t received something you’re entitled to – contact us and we will look at it for you. If you’re not sure then contact us anyway.

Please don’t suffer in silence – if you are struggling, or just have a question, do get in contact with us and we will do our best to help.  Our phone service is very busy so it may be easier, if you’re able, to use the contact form on our website.

Remember we’re free, independent and confidential – above all we’re on your side.