Fundraising and Events

This year we have worked with a number of groups and societies as well as businesses – with presentations and engagements at local Rotary Groups, MENTA, the local Labour and Liberal parties as well as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda. Some of these engagements have led to generous sponsorship and financial support – Tesco has helped fund refurbishment work in Brandon while the local Rotary groups have provided £2,000 of funding for our organisation and a chance to participate in the local Swimarathon where we raised £1,740.

At the same time we have run a wide range of profile and fund raising events, with the now annual Chinese Dinner in February, Game Night at the Farmers’ Club, and Race Night in Haverhill. In total all these efforts have raised over £10,000 and our special thanks go to Barclays Bank who continue to give very generous support for the major local events we run in the area.  Do please come to our forthcoming events, when we will extend our activities to include Mildenhall and Newmarket!