Check, switch and save on your energy bills

Posted: 09th November 2020

Citizens Advice West Suffolk helping households save this Big Energy Saving Winter

We will be helping people reduce their energy bills and save money as part of Big Energy Saving Winter (November-January).

Local staff and volunteers will be sharing information to help people take three simple steps to prepare for the winter ahead.

  • Check to see if they are eligible for discounts, grants and support
  • Switch their tariff or energy supplier to get the best deal
  • Save money by becoming more energy efficient

This year, Big Energy Saving Winter is calling on energy super savers, who have made savings to their own bills, to help their relatives, friends and neighbours to check, switch and save on their energy bills. Free resources and advice will enable energy super savers to help protect the UK’s most vulnerable people.

As Big Energy Saving Winter 2020 kicks off, new research shows that one in three (35%) bill payers say they are using more energy than they usually would at this time of year.

 “With many people using more energy than normal it’s crucial no-one is paying more than they need to for their energy.

“Switching energy suppliers is one of the quickest ways for us all to make sure we’re not paying more than we need to. But our advisers are also on hand to help make sure people are getting any extra grants and benefits they might be entitled to and to look at ways to make people’s homes more energy efficient.”

It only takes a few minutes with the @CitizensAdvice energy price comparison tool