Why Citizens Advice is a great place to volunteer.

Posted: 31st May 2022

Citizens Advice asked people why they volunteer with us and what they enjoy the most!

“The staff are really supportive and kind which makes working with them so nice”

Karen Gillie, Citizens Advice Newcastle, Adviser

I’m an adviser at Citizens Advice and give advice via email. This is really interesting as I can take a bit more time when writing advice to clients. I have cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. My disability hasn’t hindered me from becoming a volunteer. I love the fact that I am able to do much more. I have not found any difficulties volunteering. I had the adjustments needed made, and the staff are really supportive and kind which makes working with them so nice. If you’re considering volunteering, find what you’d be interested in, and go to your local Citizens Advice to see how you can get involved.

“Citizens Advice is not only mentally stimulating, but also very rewarding”

Dermott O’Neill, Citizens Advice Blackpool, Trainee Adviser

I joined Citizens Advice in 2021 as a trainee General Adviser. Following training you can develop specialist knowledge, which allows us to support and work together as a team. As a volunteer, you’re made to feel an equal and valued member of the team. Volunteering with Citizens Advice is not only mentally stimulating but also very rewarding.

I previously had a very challenging job in the Civil Service, but volunteering a few days a week with Citizens Advice has been much more uplifting, as clients give you instant positive feedback. Citizens Advice has given me the perfect platform to deploy and develop existing skills, volunteer at the hours that suit me and provide an opportunity to help people by just being myself.

“Citizens Advice was the first organisation that gave me the opportunity to volunteer — this shows how inclusive they are”

Md Mominul Hamid, Citizens Advice Newcastle, Adviser

I’ve been a volunteer since 2018 and provide face to face advice to clients. As an Asylum Seeker, Citizens Advice was the first organisation that gave me the opportunity to volunteer- this shows how inclusive they are. Citizens Advice is close to my heart because they supported me. Volunteering gave me knowledge and understanding of social issues in my community. It helped me integrate in the community and gave me the confidence to speak up. I have now written many articles and spoken at conferences, and am currently studying law.

As volunteers we serve the community to improve things for everyone, including ourselves. Citizens Advice gives us a way to change things and be there for the community.

“Volunteering gives you the opportunity to demonstrate, develop and discover your strengths and skills”

Arminder Mann, Citizens Advice Sandwell- Walsall, Adviser

When I started volunteering with Citizens Advice in 2018, I was a student wanting to find a long-term career opportunity. I started supporting clients attending the walk-in service on a reception desk, before progressing to generalist advice. I now provide debt support as part of the team working from mobile units as a paid member of staff. I still volunteer as a generalist adviser both face to face and on the telephone.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to demonstrate, develop and discover your strengths and skills, and share your experiences and knowledge with others. I value the opportunities and trust shown in us to advise and provide a positive experience for clients.

“I find a sense of purpose and fulfilment through volunteering”

Aisha Akinkunmi, Citizens Advice Luton, Trainee Adviser

I am a student, and decided to make my free days worthwhile by volunteering. I have been training for 3 months as an Assessor, and I shadow some of the experienced advisers. I learn lots of things through training from colleagues, such as legislation, people’s rights, and how I can do my best to respect and protect them. The valuable experience gained through volunteering has helped build my confidence. The staff are great and care a lot about you. I also get to have fun at the office, interact and make friends. I find a sense of purpose and fulfilment through volunteering.

Every day is different! There is lots of support, everyone is willing to help you and they make you feel like you are part of something great.

We’re proud of the work our volunteers do, and are thrilled that they find it rewarding too. If you want to find out more about how to volunteer with us and apply, check our volunteering page on this website.