Volunteer Fundraising Stories

Last April, we held a concert at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds. The Suffolk Soul Singers sang without charge to help us raise funds for Citizens Advice in West Suffolk. A hundred people came and raised £1,145.

Organising the concert required a variety of skills around the whole fundraising enterprise. Marketing was key to the success of the project with interviews on radio and with the press, distributing flyers in the town and putting up posters, talking with the local college and arranging for the group to busk in the centre of the town before the event. Regular meetings with the group themselves were held to ensure that we were all happy with the content and meetings with representatives from the Apex were held to make sure it all worked right on the night.

Managing events like these requires a wide range of skills, organising, negotiating and persuading. This work can be very fulfilling, developing and demonstrating business skills while knowing the end result will be of benefit to the organisation. The event was a great success both raising our profile and raising money for Citizens Advice. We run four events a year typically. Why not join us and be part of the fundraising effort?