Scam Awareness in 2017

Posted: 09th November 2017

With a number of other local organisations, our Citizens Advice works with Suffolk Trading Standards to warn people of the risks surrounding Scams. Scams can come in many forms – online, by post, telephone even in person at your door. People can play their part in preventing scams by reporting them and telling others about them. People can also come and see Citizens Advice consumer service, or call Adviceline Suffolk (0300 330 1151) if they want advice on whether something is a genuine deal or a scam, or for advice if they have been scammed. The Citizens Advice consumer service received 555 reports of ‘phantom goods’ scams during January and March 2017, compared with 475 over the same period the year before. Anyone can be a victim. That’s why our Scams Awareness Team travel round the area warning people of the consequences and the steps they should take if they think they could be at risk. We would be happy to talk to local businesses and their staff if asked.