I’ve been a bit anxious about going out into shops so I shopped online, but am worried about delivery problems. What should I do if my parcel has gone missing?

Posted: 06th January 2022

When you’re online shopping, it’s not always clear who to contact if things go wrong.

As a customer, your contract is with the seller that you bought the item from. It’s the seller’s responsibility to make sure the item is delivered to you. They should chase the courier to find out what happened to your order if there’s a problem.

If your parcel hasn’t arrived:

  • Check the delivery address you gave the seller.
  • Then contact the seller and ask where your order is.
  • If the seller claims they’ve delivered it or doesn’t know where it is, you can ask for a redelivery. You might be able to get a refund in some circumstances where the delivery time was essential and you let the seller know ahead of time.  If the new delivery fails to come within a reasonable time, you can ask the seller for a refund.

If Royal Mail left your package with a neighbour or in a certain place because you told them to, it’s not the seller or Royal Mail’s responsibility if it gets lost.

If they leave it somewhere you hadn’t instructed, it’s the seller’s responsibility if it gets lost. You should contact the seller to ask for a redelivery or a refund.

If the item was delivered by a courier, check your terms and conditions or account details. If you agreed to the items being left in other places, it’s not the seller’s or courier’s responsibility if your order has gone missing. However if you did not agree to this, then it is the seller’s responsibility.

If you’re still having trouble after trying the tips above, you can contact the Citizens Advice 0808 278 7868 Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3.30pm for help.