Free Training

Our financial capability team provide free training in: 


 Budgeting and Money Management

We give advice on setting up a household budget; how to prioritise bills and manage paperwork; opportunities to make savings on a budget and alter attitudes to money.



Keeping Homes Warm

Keeping homes warm enough

We run campaigns through the autumn and winter demonstrating how to shop around for cheaper utility bills; access grants and schemes to improve home efficiency; provide advice on being more fuel efficient (as a means to save money).  We also provide information on support for residents with additional needs through Priority Services Register, Warm Home Discount etc.


Be a savvy shopper

Be a Savvy Shopper

The volume and range of scams affects many households in Suffolk, through letters, e-mails, phone calls and door to door scammers. The criminals are clever in their approach and we work with Suffolk County Council Trading Standards to highlight scams and promote awareness and vigilance through raising awareness with local residents, with examples of the increasing skill of the scammers.

Planning for retirement

Moving from work into retirement, knowing where to get independent information on pensions, support on retirement benefits alongside accessing some of the opportunities available, including volunteering to feel part of a community.


Young people starting work

Understanding how a job advert translates into actual take home pay each week/month; from National Insurance contributions and Tax to the cost of going to work like public transport or running a car.

Savings and affordable loans – when we have helped a group look at a budget we also promote having a savings plan for replacing white goods, Christmas or holidays. Savings with the credit union Eastern Savings and Loans also enables people to access small and affordable loans in an emergency, which can be cheaper than taking out store credit or a loan from high interest door step lenders or pay day loans.