Financial Capability

Financial Capability

Two of our largest advice areas concern money – debt advice and welfare benefits advice.  Both these areas require good household budgeting skills. Since 2008 we have grown a financial capability team to deliver free community training to empower local residents to be more MoneySmart. We have two coordinators Sarah Bradbury covering the Forest Heath area and Michelina Partridge who covers the St Edmundsbury area. The training is designed specifically for the individual needs of groups and their areas of interest. We work with a variety of local groups, clubs and front line workers supporting the elderly, disabled, young families, carers, low income households, retired, rural residents.

We offer training in:

Budgeting and Money Management – how to set up a household budget and prioritise expenses

Keeping homes warm enough – how to shop around for cheaper energy providers and the switching process, as well as extra help that may be available

Be a Savvy Shopper –  promoting awareness of scams and how to identify them

Planning for retirement – how to access safe independent information about pensions, carry out benefit checks for the change in circumstances, as well as opportunities within the community

Young people starting work – how to work out actual take home pay from a job advert, and basic budgeting, as well as how to access safe and affordable loans if necessary